Farm Visit. Davis Ranch (Sloughhouse, CA)

Last weekend marked the first weekend of asparagus season in Sloughhouse, CA and we anxiously waited for the fog to clear so we could go get this early spring favorite.  The weather didn’t cooperate and after piling the tots in the Subaru and making it to Folsom, only to turn around because of unsafe conditions, we threw in the towel and decided to wait a week.

This Friday Grandma was visiting so we decided a quick after school trip before the thunderstorms hit might be our best opportunity.  We headed out and it was worth the wait.  The drive to Sloughhouse this time of year is so amazing.  The green pastures, cows lazily strolling through open land and cool temperatures are perfect for a scenic drive.

This usually crowded farm stand packed with Sacramento residents and tourists was completely empty.  We had the entire ranch to ourselves.  Parking lot was empty.  Farmstand empty.  Since it’s so early in the season the selections are limited.  We purchased tomatoes, onions, potatoes, apples, oranges and aparagus.  The asparagus is grown right on the ranch and comes in hourly from the fields.  Right now it’s $3 a bunch and the price just gets cheaper as the season gears up.

Davis Ranch has events throughout the year and festivals that draw large crowds.  This time of year the options might be sparse, only it’s the best time to get away from it all and have the place to yourself.  There are picnic tables ready to accomodate your tots along with portable bathrooms with running water to wash after.  Expect minimal grown on the ranch options, asparagus really being the standout this month.  We let our tots run around the picnic area and look at all the old farming equipment on display around the parking area.  This month it’s so quiet it’s the perfect time to let them explore and discover all the areas bordering a working farm.

We drive out to Davis Ranch throughout the year.  Our favorite time is late summer when corn is plentiful and their no-GMO corn is grown on the ranch and some of the best we have had.  Look for more reviews as we get further into the growing year.

Davis Ranch is waiting for you to explore at 3501 Jackson Rd, Sloughhouse, CA 95683 or reach them by phone at 916.682.2658 or online at