Farmer’s Market. Historic Folsom. (Folsom, CA)

Since our city doesn’t have a farmer’s market this time of year we are always trying new places to do our weekly shopping.  This week it was a completely amazing day to head down to Historic Folsom to the Saturday morning market.  If you haven’t been to this market it’s a perfect blend of small size and organic options.  The best part of being in Historic Folsom is it is a short 5 minute drive off Highway 50 and has lots of tot friendly diversions besides food shopping.

My older tot loves trains.  He has visited the Folsom Railroad Museum since we first moved to this area and he doesn’t seem to get tired of it.  If you have a 2-6 year old boy.  I guarantee he would like it too!  The museum is only open on weekends from 11:00 am-4:00 pm and is a short walk from the Historic Folsom parking garage by the market.  On your way over you can also look at the Historic Folsom Turntable that allowed trains that had hit the end of the Sacramento Valley Railroad to turn around and head back the way they came.

Once you have your fill of trains you can walk down the streets of the Historic Folsom District and window shop, grab a coffee or peruse antiques.

Need quick tot friendly place to get a snack or lunch?  We recommend Karen’s Bakery across from the parking garage for homemade pastries, coffee or locally inspired breakfast and lunch options.  There is counter service with indoor or outdoor patio dining.  Karen’s can get crowded so sometimes it is best to select some pastries and premade salads and take them to go for later.  For restaurant style dining right on Sutter St. we love the Sutter Street Grill.  There is plenty of tot friendly indoor and outdoor seating and the funky decor makes it a worry free choice.  The portions are huge so spliting entrees with tots is a cost saving hint.  We love their omelets and biscuits.


Folsom Historic District Farmer’s Market

Saturdays Year-Round
8:00 am-1:00 pm
915 Sutter St.
Folsom, CA

Folsom Railroad Museum
Saturdays Year-Round
11:00 am-4:00 pm
198 Wool St.
Folsom, CA