Once in a Blue Moon Berries (El Dorado Hills, CA)

When we first moved to the foothills four years ago we saw signs around town for a you-pick organic blueberry farm in El Dorado Hills. We had to visit. We gathered some friends and headed for Once in a Blue Moon Berries. We had two tots under one at the time and two that were just two years old. When we arrived we were immediately transported into a quaint throwback to a different time. A place where neighbors gather to chat and work the land together. The welcoming nature of this farm beckons local residents and visitors alike.

That first year, we pushed Bob joggers up and down the rocky paths in between blueberry bushes and collected as many blueberries as we could. While our two year-olds ate more than their combined weight in blueberries. We hadn’t picked blueberries before so just seeing the plants was a wondrous new experience and we all were enthralled immediately.

One of my favorite aspects of this farm is that the owners, Mike and Janet Suttles, work the you-pick farmstand themselves along with their extended family. The owners are known to follow along with pickers, encouraging them to eat berries and experience different varieties. We learned about the different berries and terroir and how different variables affect berry production and taste. We learned about the growing season and the history of the property and the family who has turned their home into a successful organic farm.

Sand pail buckets provided by the farm cost $20 when full. The farm is on a five acre parcel of land off Green Valley Rd. It is easily found following the signs that direct visitors from main roads. The drive is just down a short dirt road and a quick turn in front of the farm provides dirt lot parking for cars. There are no restroom facilities. There is a shaded area with a table where families can relax and rehydrate after picking.

The blueberry season here is only 3-4 weeks long so now that the berries are ready for picking planning a trip should be a priority. With recent weather changes the season is later than usual and owners don’t know from year to year just how the season is going to go. My oldest tot visited yesterday and got the fattest juiciest berries I have seen so it’s definitely blueberry season in El Dorado Hills.

Once in a Blue Moon Berries is located at 1820 Arroyo Vista Way in El Dorado Hills. The farm is open every other day for now from 9 am to 3 pm and by special appointment. For more information call (916) 600-8962 or visit onceinabluemoonberries.com