24Carrot Farm. (Apple Hill, CA)

24Carrot Farm Apple Hill

Since my Husband is overly obsessed with fall mornings spent in Apple Hill (Camino, CA) I decided to indulge him on his apple buying mission if he took a side adventure to see if we could find 24Carrot Farm on the way home.

I found this farm during a recent afternoon wasted on Facebook when I somehow came to their page. I couldn’t believe a new organic farm was open in our area and I hadn’t been there yet! I had to visit to see what this place was all about.

24Carrot Farm Apple Hill

As soon as we had the giant 40 lb box of red delicious apples packed in the back of the car I was already inputing the address of 24Carrot Farm on our GPS. Located just on the edge of Apple Hill this farm is the perfect last stop before heading back down the mountain. It’s the cutest farmstand right off a main road and easy to navigate to.

We were the only visitors at the farm when we arrived so we could take our time shopping and filling our baskets. A nice respite from the throngs of tourists that pack the larger farms during the fall Apple Hill season. We could breathe. We could listen to nature. We could hear ourselves think. We could let our tots explore. And that’s just what we did.

We loaded up our baskets with different varities of melons that were warm and perfect and tomatoes of all different shapes and sizes. The stand also offers dry-farmed apples, cucumbers and more depending on that day’s harvest. There is also local honey with a bee hive that tots can view through a glass enclosure and even try to pinpoint the queen bee! Hint. She is the one with the white marking.

There is a pond for exploring and frog counting with shady picnic tables around it. Our tots screamed with delight as they saw these new friends lining the shore and hiding under the cool water.

24Carrot Farm is a needed new addition to Apple Hill and we are definitely going to be frequent customers. We just hope the success of this farm encourages more farmers to go organic in the area.

24Carrot Farm is located at 2731 Jacquier Rd. in Placerville, CA and is open 10:00 am-7:00 pm Thursday-Sunday with easy parking and access.