Farm Tots Home Design. Kitchen Remodel.

When I chatted with a friend this summer about our ideas for updating our home over a glass of wine she looked at me with a wild look in her eyes and told me if I was considering a kitchen remodel I should pretty much forget it. Or start investing in barrels of alcohol. Or flee the country. I nervously laughed it off having one remodel under our belts, I thought she was exagerating or just trying to be funny.

We waited a year and lived with the kitchen the way we bought it. We told ourselves we needed to wait and figure out exactly what we wanted before we started any updating. So here we are. A year later. Regrouping and starting a full kitchen remodel. I am the general contractor, tiling hired gun and designer. We are brining in two sub contractors to demo and put in new cabinets and install new countertops. Everything else is on us.

Home design magazines litter every coffee table and flat surface of our house and I read them voraciously looking for that one idea that one kitchen that would inspire the changes we want to make. I haven’t been succesful in finding a kitchen to copy exactly so we are taking ideas from here and from over there and working them into something that works for us.

My basic idea is to have a kitchen that works with our space. A warm and easy to clean gathering space that fits with the Spanish architecture, indoor/outdoor lifestyle and our farm-to-fork approach to cooking. A California-style kitchen that mixes modern clean lines with mission-style accents. A place to prepare food, bake, entertain, sip wine and catch up with people we like.

This Rebekah Zaveloff kitchen is one of the first photographs I saved to my Houzz account when my design process started. I like the institutional clean look. The backsplash tiling extending to the ceiling. The farmhouse sink. The black and white contrast. The marble countertops. The white and glass cabinets.

One of the next kitchens that started to get me thinking in new ways was this Jessica Helgerson Design Spanish Colonial that incorporated some natural wood finishes and a mix of white and dark wood. I definitely want to incorporate this style shelving somewhere in our finished kitchen and the overall contrast I like.

The last inspiration picture that got us started was this Montecito kitchen by Lori Smyth Design. It is the exact mix of beachy California, mission-style, modern, clean and comfortable that we want to recreate. The lantern style pendants in the oversize design is the one decorative detail in the photographs we saved that I definitely intend on replicating.

Our cabinets are on order and everything else is moving along so I’m going to share our adventures with you as we make decisions and get creating on our new kitchen space. I’m hoping by the holidays we can share our new gathering place with friends and guests. Or I might be investing in a barrel of wine. Let’s hope it gets finished soon!