Farm Tots Weekend.

Struble Ranch Mandarin Farm Visit Placer County CaliforniaThis week at Farm Tots was full of exploring and learning about citrus farming in our area. This was the first year we were able to get out of the house and visit some of our local mandarin farms. My tots are obsessed with mandarins and call them orangies because they are a cuter smaller version of oranges. Instead of buying them at our usual store, Costco, I wanted to get outside and find where we could buy them locally.

We are getting ready for a Farm Tots style Thanksgiving and preparing for some upcoming travel. While I am doing laundry and organizing our household here is what I am thinking about and reading and what my weekend inspiration is this week.

Weekend inspiration

Ordering some gifts for friends that live in other states and sending them some local mandarins and locally made gourmet food

How important it is to save local parks and why a Black Friday tradition outside of the store is so important

The funniest Twitter account making us laugh about toddlers

Making these impressive Instagram worthy Thanksgiving appetizers for my brie obsessed husband over Thanksgiving break

If these Patti LaBelle sweet potato pies are worth the hype

Speaking of pie, how much pie do I need for Thanksgiving dinner. A pie need cheat sheet

These DIY Instagram placecards to complete the perfect Thanksgiving table setting

If a wicker basket tree skirt is really a smart investment, if I like them or if I should try a DIY wicker basket tree skirt version to craft one myself

How mad at ourself we are for binge watching the new Netlix comedy series Master of None and now we are out of episodes

The idea of packing for myself in the same organized and indulgent way I pack for my tots