Sacramento Farmer’s Market. (Sacramento, CA)

1452555425_full.jpegThere are no farmer’s markets in our town during the winter so we have to get out to find local fruit and vegetables. One of the largest markets in Sacramento is the Sacramento Farmer’s Market on Sunday that takes place under the freeway at 10th St. and W St.

1452555700_thumb.jpegWe have been going to this market since we moved to the Sacramento area almost 10 years ago. It’s known for being one of the least expensive markets with bulk fruit and vegetable selections from around California available for prices that seem to be slightly less than some of the other local markets.


There are olive oil vendors, honey vendors, wineries, bakeries and more each weekend and the market gets larger and smaller depending on the season.

Some of our favorite purchases this weekend were large 10 lb. bags of mandarins and oranges, kiwis, broccoli, eggs and pretzels.

Parking is available in free lots surrounding the market along with outhouse style restrooms.




The Sacramento Central Farmer’s Market is located at 8th and W St. and runs from 8:00 am- 12 pm year-round.