Giveaway. DISPLAY: Kids Let it Grow Event and $25 Gift Card (Sacramento, CA)

One of the best parts of getting out in the community and getting more involved in the farm to fork movement in California is meeting amazingly talented people on a regular basis.  Recently I was introduced to a new popup store in Sac by one of it’s co-founders, Roshaun Davis.  This is when I discovered DISPLAY: Kids for myself.

DISPLAY: Kids is the latest popup experience in a 850 sq ft storefront in Oak Park’s Triangle District called DISPLAY: California   Every 1-2 months the location rotates retail experiences.  Focusing on designers and retail opportunities that are unattainable to most of us in Sac.  Until now.

DISPLAY: Kids is like my urban cool kid dreams all wrapped into a bright space with all the trimmings.  The thought put behind everything is apparant and refreshing.  Walking in the store the relaxed and friendly vibe was completely welcoming and instantly addicting.  I brought along a friend and my youngest tot and both were as mesmerized as I was.

The idea of having a retail space with wall to wall merchandise that is curated with such perfection is so amazing I might just move in.  In addition to a cool shopping experience to outfit tots, the space has collected the most gorgeous grouping of jewelry, and gifts that parents might actually forget this is a kids store.

If you do forget about your tots for a second.  Not to worry.  They are probably wrapped up in the adorable art tables with materials I haven’t seen before, stickers, stamps and everything to keep them busy and happy for at least the ten minutes moms need to try on jewelry and shop for themelves.  Or their kids.  I mean that’s what this is all about right?  The kids?  Or is it a genius concept to actually offer kids fashion alongside some options for parents since we do spend most of our time and fashion budget as parents on our children.  Am I right?

Want to see more?  Join DISPLAY: Kids next Wednesday evening as they celebrate Earth Day and the local farm to fork movement with their Let it Grow event.  Let it Grow is open to the public and offers kids the chance to plant seeds in a pot to take home and learn about GMOs while parents have the opportunity to browse and shop.

Farm Tots is giving away free tickets for one family to attend Let it Grow and a $25 gift card to the store.  Enter to win here.  If you don’t win.  You can buy tickets here.

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I started Farm Tots for two reasons.

One.  To challenge myself as I further my education in the areas of nutrition and community-based agriculture.  I wanted to provide myself a valid excuse for researching more about agriculture and farming in our own community.  I wanted to expand my personal knowledge and have a platform to educate my children.

Two.  I wanted to create a resource for families to learn more about farming in our communities.  Showing how easy it is to teach children about where their food comes from.  How learning about farmining and experiencing the farm-to-fork lifestyle is one of the most inexpensive and rewarding opportunities families have in our gorgeous state.

I grew up spending my summers on our family cattle ranch and after college worked in marketing, representing some of the most famous large-scale organic winemaking families.

Making people more aware of agriculture and finding the opportunities to experience the farming that goes on around them is my passion.  Vote for Farm Tots so we can increase our reach and even more families can become Farm Tot families.

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How Farm Tots All Started.

Four years ago my first child Benjamin was born in the small farming community of Davis, CA.  Through bleary sleep deprived eyes I took my colicky swaddled boy and started endless walks up and down the meandering paths that weaved through our town.  Through sun filtered trees he started to calm as the cool Delta breezes brushed his dark hair from his inquisitive eyes.  I realized quickly that this child was meant to be outdoors.  We explored every inch of every trail that was accessible by stroller and I spoke softly showing him all that the nature surrounding us had to offer.  Horses poked their heads over our back fence and I would point them out each morning to Benjamin and saw his first smiles as could focus his gaze on them.

Nothing could relax Benjamin like being outside and we were fortunate enough to be surrounded by miles of farmland in all directions.  We started venturing out on short drives as the weeks and months started to blur together.  We watched cattle grazing and learned about goats and sheep.  We visited apple orchards and corn fields and I pushed that stroller through dirt pastureland and through muddy puddles.

Our family moved from Davis before Benjamin’s first birthday and settled in another rural community.  This time we found ourselves in El Dorado Hills in the Sierra Foothills just outside Sacramento, CA.  We wanted a home with more land and a lower cost for housing and found just that.  As we planted our own garden and got ourselves settled we welcomed a new family member, our second child, Harper.

With two children we found it even more important to continue to teach our family about the area we had settled.  Benjamin was now the most active two year old boy we could imagine so getting him outside where he could run free, kick the land and move his arms freely was the only way we could get through the transition to having two children in diapers. We set out on weekend trips exploring the foothills and getting to know the people who grow the ingredients that had become staples in our quest for local cuisine.

We made a decision as a family to eat local and organic as much as possible.  When that wasn’t available we would at least try to eat local and as a last resort procure ingredients that were organic from our local stores.  We began cooking more seasonally and learned about what our area offered during different month of the year.

For the last year on each of our outings I have commented to my Husband that there aren’t many resources for families looking to teach their children about local harvests.  The idea for a blog about tot friendly farms and food festivals swirled in my mind for weeks and months.  Now, with a four year old and two year old I have decided to make this blog a priority and try to provide another resource for families that want to learn more about where there food comes from.  I hope our passions for farming, local harvests and cooking can inspire others to try to eat more local foods and teach their children about the importance of land stewardship and how farming fits into the future.

Come join us on our journey!