Project. Bird Seed Cookies.

It’s spring!  We can be outside more and it is perfect weather for outside projects.  You know what the best part of outside projects is?  No clean up!  My favorite projects are ones that my tots can be involved in completely and this one fits that requirement.

My family loves to stand by the windows in our family room looking outside and trying to figure out what birds are visiting us that day.  Now that it’s nice outside we are getting lots more bird friends coming to see us.  I figured.  Why not offer them a snack?

One of the best part of having Farm Tots is that they start to appreciate the plants and animals close to home more and more.

This project is courtesy of one of the awesome bloggers I read, The Hungry Homemaker.

All you need to do this project is-

  • 4 cups bird seed
  • 3/4 Cup all purpose flour, we used whole wheat
  • 3 Tbs corn syrup
  • 1/2 Cup water
  • Twine
  • Straws
  • Cookie cutters
  • Wax paper

In a large bowl add ingredients, mix well until blended.  Let tots mix with their hands.  Should make bath time more interesting.

Line your work surface with wax paper and weigh down the corners.

Press seed mixture into a cookie cutter, press firmly so mixture is tight packed and insert a piece of your straw into the shape to make a hole in your “cookie”. Be sure not to make your hole too close to the top, or the yarn will break right through when it’s hung.  Cookies are easily broken.  Take it from us.

Let sit for one minute, then slowly slide your cookie out of your cookie cutter. Repeat until all your mixture has been used up.  Let the cookies dry over night and don’t move them!  Even if they seem dry.  They aren’t.  We know.  From experience.

String your twine through the hole and tie them.  Hang from a visible tree.  Watch your new friends arrive!