Responsible Pet Ownership. The First 5 Steps of Getting a Dog.

Rottweiler at Dog Show in Dixon, CAThinking of getting a new dog? Our household just brought home a new puppy, a 10-week old Portuguese Water Dog named Cupcake. We already have a 10-year old Yorkshire Terrier so this isn’t our first time going out to find a dog that fits in our home. It is the first time we have done it together as a married couple and with children to think about so it was a whole new adventure. More on our puppy in a later post. For now we want to share the five steps to starting to look for a new dog.

The AKC has a list of steps to take before getting a new dog. We are going to outline the first 5 today and talk about how we went about each step. Above all else we recommend attending a dog show as soon as you start thinking about bringing in a new pet. Dog shows are the perfect venue to get ideas about what breeds might fit your home best and there is a perfect networking opportunity to speak to breeders. Breeders can give valuable insight about the breed of dog you are considering and you can start to narrow down which breeder is the best fit for you. Asking lots of questions is important. (more…)