Farmstand Visit. Boa Vista Orchards. Apple Hill (Placerville, CA)

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Apple Hill is known for it’s fall season that runs from Labor Day through November.  The season dips for a week or two and then returns with excitement the day after Thanksgiving when eager families from Sacramento and surrounding areas come looking for the perfect Christmas tree.  Apple Hill often gets some early snow in the fall months making it a chilly excursion we keep returning for year after year.  My favorite time in Apple Hill comes after the busy months.  Winter is my favorite season when crowds have thinned out, parking becomes easier and my country buzz isn’t spoiled by throngs of tourists.  Most apple farms  are shuttered by this time and only my favorite remains.  Boa Vista Orchards.

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Boa Vista is open every day year round making it a destination for any season.  We use Boa Vista as a nice 20 minute drive to shake off our routine and get out of the city.  For Sacramento residents it’s about 45-60 minutes up Highway 50 towards South Lake Tahoe.  Apple Hill gets some snow occasionally, except usually is below chain control, so it’s the perfect stop for weary Tahoe travelers.  It’s only about a 2 minute departure from Highway 50 and offers restrooms, easy plentiful parking, picnic areas and lots of room to stretch out and take a break.

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Boa Vista is a family owned farm that features their own products along with those of neighboring farms and beyond.  Apples are available year round so my family can get our fill of the giant boxes we crave.  Because it’s a fully operational farm stand Boa Vista also offers baked goods, dairy products, frozen pies, juices, artisan sauces and marinades, local honey and more.

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I can do all my weekly shopping at Boa Vista in one easy stop.  Seasonal produce is available so summer months offer mouth-watering sweet peaches, cherries and more.  Each month offers a new surprise so we try to come throughout the year.  During the fall busy season Boa Vista features local artists and craftsmen and has a fully operational barbecue stand giving hungry visitors a variety of options.  During slower months and year round there is also food available at the bakery window inside the stand.  A wood burning stove is a cozy gathering spot on cold days to enjoy a warm beverage and your choice of apple baked goods.

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Today we got two 20 pound boxes of apples that were the BOGO (buy one get one) price of $14.99 making each box only$7.50 and that’s way cheaper than any of our surrounding grocery stores.  (Boa Vista Orchards does not feature organic produce except it is mostly local so for me it’s a partial win).  We also picked up Bosc pears, a pineapple, tomatoes, lemons and a big bag of oranges.  We also picked up some unpasteurized apple cider that was also a BOGO price of $7.99 making each gallon jug only $4.  These jugs are freezable so picking up one extra and throwing it in the freezer is easy and preserves the juice for another week or two.  There are more bottled juice options available outside the refrigerator area including apple, pear and more than I can list.  Just venture off to the deepest corner of the stand next to the refrigerators.

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I don’t usually buy frozen pies except this year my family picked one up for me for a post Thanksgiving party we were hosting.  The pies are often on sale for just $6.99 for the traditional apple pie variety and it baked up to make the most impressive homestyle apple pie I have had.  There are lots of interesting varieties so if you want to be able to take your Apple Hill bakery experience with you to replicate at home this is the place to make your purchase.

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Boa Vista is waiting for you to explore at 2952 Carson Rd., Placerville, CA 95667.  Reach them at 530.622.5522 or online at