What to Eat During a Kitchen Remodel.

As we enter week two of our kitchen remodel (our before kitchen is pictured here) I realize how unprepared my meal planning really was before demo. Similar to when we had our first child and I completely ignored everyone’s advice to cook-ahead, freeze meals and stock up. We were so desperate for food those first weeks. This time around I should have listened to that same advice. I didn’t.

Making meals ahead of time and freezing them would have been awesome planning ahead. Really I’m not sure I could have done it. With everything families have going on every day it seems unrealistic to plan ahead two weeks of dinners. Not to mention where do you put them all?

Be realistic about how long you are going to be without a kitchen.

Demo- 1-2 days
Cabinet Install- 2-3 days depending on size of kitchen
Countertop Fabrication and Install- 7-10 days depending on size of kitchen
Appliance Install-1 day

Here is how we are surviving our kitchen remodel on a budget without eating out every day. (more…)