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Year in Review. Trips of 2015.

Last year we had so many fun getaways and we made the most of staying close to home and taking trips in our car whenever we could escape town. As we start a new year we wanted to revisit all of the places we discovered last year and this is our list of trips we went on. This week follow along as we review the trips, farmer’s markets, restaurants, shops and more that we visited in 2015.

Thank you for following along our adventures with us.

Quick Summer Overnight in Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, CA)

Earthbound Farms Market and Cafe Visit (Carmel, CA)

San Diego Off Season Vacation (San Diego, CA)

San Diego Off Season Vacation, Where to Stay (San Diego, CA)

San Diego Off Season Vacation. What to Do (San Diego, CA)

San Diego Off Season Beach Vacation. What to Do.(San Diego, CA)

Mission Beach

After many trips to San Diego, at least one trip a year since I moved away 15 years ago, we have decided that we just can’t do it all. There is so much to do with kids in San Diego that it’s way too much pressure, and to expensive, to try to crunch it all into a short trip. We have now started letting our trips be all about the beach and adding one other activity in if we are up for it.

One of the best parts about traveling off season is that everything is cheaper. The other bonus is the crowds have disappeared and most tourist attractions are frequented by locals and a small group of tourists. This year we went to Legoland on Thanksgiving and we only waited in line for certain rides and wait times were less than 5 minutes for the most part. The beaches are almost completely empty and parking is easy. Roads aren’t crowded and overall you can live like a local instead of battling it out with throngs of tourists. (more…)

San Diego Off Season Beach Vacation. Where to Stay. (San Diego, CA)

South Mission Beach Rental House

Mission Beach is a lively beach with walkable options for dining and recreation. That’s one of the reasons it makes such a fun family vacation. Not having to get in the car (unless you want to) makes it one of the most affordable and relaxing beach vacations we have found. There are two accommodations options for travelers visiting the area. We are going to detail both.

Every family is different in what they expect from a vacation. We are often conflicted about our preference for staying in a rental home or a hotel. Both have advantages and disadvantages. We find hotels are nice because we know we have a safe lighted place to land no matter what time we arrive, rooms are clean and remade and restocked daily, dining options are easy and plentiful and most hotels have pools or other recreation options for our kids. Rental homes offer more of the comforts of home. We know they are going to have a kitchen we can stock and cook our own meals and space to stretch out. With our children we find that overall rental homes are most relaxing for us when we go to San Diego for a beach vacation (Legoland vacation or downtown we prefer hotels). Since we really are relieved to get away either way we often book a hotel and then look for last minute deals on rental homes to get the most for our money. (more…)

San Diego Off Season Beach Vacation (San Diego, CA)

South Mission Beach

It’s no secret that we love San Diego around here. Ben grew up spending summers and holidays there visiting his grandfather in La Jolla. I went to college at the University of San Diego and lived in South Mission Beach and stayed around working for a year after graduation. We got married in San Diego at USD and had our party at The Prado in Balboa Park. Each year since our wedding we try to go back and visit during our anniversary in October so we have become experts at navigating San Diego in the off season.

Since most families want to visit the beach during summer vacation a beach trip to San Diego in summer can become so cost prohibitive because of the competitive busy season rates it makes it almost impossible to make it work. Hotel rates skyrocket too and attractions are busy along with roads and the beach.

Our favorite time to visit is during the fall when most families aren’t traveling and prices are way down. Today we are sharing our San Diego off season beach vacation secrets.  Throughout the week we are going to share more hints like where to stay, what to do and what to eat while you are away. So join us in this four part series on getting the most out of a budget-conscious trip to San Diego. (more…)

Be Right Back. (San Diego, CA)

South Mission Beach San DiegoWe are taking a break this week and getting out of town.  San Diego is one of those places that has so many meanings for us that it’s almost difficult to capture everything in words alone.  It’s our place to log off, relax and explore.  We hope you have the chance to take some time off this holiday break.  We are going to be back with some travel tips, recipes and farm visits soon!