Farm Tots Weekend. December Week 3 Edition.

Our kitchen renovation continued this week. We had contractors come out to template for our new marble countertops and had our new farmhouse sink installed. We found a new Viking professional oven at a local appliance discounter so now our appliances are going to match. I highly recommend shopping around for the appliances you really want. After shopping for weeks we found our oven for less than the least expensive brands out there.

Today make sure to follow along as we take over the El Dorado Winery Association’s Instagram account. We are going to show you some of our favorite family-friendly wineries and secret places to visit. Wineries can be a family activity with some planning and flexibility. Our trips to wine country usually revolve around a country drive, a visit to a winery to purchase a bottle or two and a picnic outside. Sometimes I taste a wine or two and Ben sticks with non-alcoholic choices with our tots and serves as the driver. I try to visit wineries that I know are going to be kid-friendly with somewhere to eat and spread out and let our tots run around safely.

Here is what we are reading this week

The El Dorado Winery Association website has brochures and a map of the wine tasting region to plan a family-friendly wine country trip or a relaxing adults only day trip

Gift tags that would be perfect adorning homemade hostess gifts this holiday party season

A guide to food and local farm related gifts for locals here in our hometown of Sacramento, CA

Do you Elf on a Shelf? This might be the main reason I don’t

Eat Local. November.

November started with decent rain and cooler days. This means summer favorites like tomatoes are going to be disappearing soon. The wet weather forces farmers to pick tomatoes before the rain to prevent disease. Look for fall crops in local markets like apples, winter squash, persimmons and more.

Market availability varies by region. This is a general guide for Northern California based on Bay Area and Sacramento growers. (more…)

Shopping. Farm Tots Favorite Rain Boots.

Toddler Red Hunter Rain Boots

Farm visits can be dirty business. Especially after some much needed California rain. This weekend we visited some local apple farms right after the first thunder and rain of the fall and we were a mucky muddy bunch. I usually make sure our tots go out in rain boots whenever we visit farms or go outside this time of year. Here are the Farm Tot favorite rain boots.

Red Hunter and Strawberry Target Rain BootsAmazon $49

Strawberry Red Boots // Target $19.99

Boys Camo RainbowsAmazon $80

Camo Rainboots // Walmart $6

Farm Tots Women's Rainboot with DetailAmazon $143.32

Premiere Tall Rainbows // Target $34.99

Men's Bootie RainbootsAmazon 29.99Amazon $50

Farmsteads and Farms Open This Month. July.

Farms are opening quickly now! Here is a list of open farmstands and farms this month in the Sacramento and surrounding areas. We are going to be adding more as they open so keep checking back to see the latest.

  1. This list includes only farmstands that are open to the public and don’t require reservations.  Look for a list of farm visits by appointment in a future post.
  2. These are farmstands and farms that are open for business in July.
  3. We didn’t include produce stores, just traditional stands.
  4. Some local farmstands don’t just feature their own produce, they source selections from around the state and beyond.  If you are trying to just eat organic or just local (or both) make sure to ask questions and choose carefully.  I still like buying my produce from a farmstand instead of a big grocery store, even if it’s not all local.

El Dorado County

Boa Vista Orchards (Farmstand)
Open Daily
2952 Carson Road
Placerville, CA

Pine ‘O Mine (You-Pick Blueberries)
Open Daily, Closed Mondays
2620 Carson Road
Placerville, CA

South Fork Farm (Farmstand)
941 Cold Springs Rd.
Placerville, CA

Placer County

Delta Farm (Farmstand)
8315 Horseshoe Bar Road
Loomis, CA
no website

Ikeda’s California Country Market (Produce Stand)

Open Daily
13500 Lincoln Way
Auburn, CA

Otow Orchard (Farmstand)
Tue-Thu 11:30 am to 1:30 pm and Fri-Sun 10:00 am to 6:00 pm 6232 Eureka Road
Granite Bay, CA

Sacramento County

Davis Ranch (Farmstand)
Open Daily
13211 Jackson Road
Sloughhouse, CA

Kingbird Farms (Farmstand CSA)
Digital Farmstand, Order Between Monday-Thursday On Website, Pick Up Friday afternoon-Saturday
8869 Orr Road
Galt, CA

Soil Born Farms
Open Saturdays 8:00 am-12:00 pm
3000 Hurley Way
Sacramento, CA

Yolo County

Full Belly Farm (Farmstand)
Open Fridays from 2:00 pm-6:00 pm
16090 County Road 43
Guinida, CA

Ikeda’s California Country Market (Produce Stand)
Open Daily
26295 Mace Blvd.
Davis, CA

Impossible Acres Farm (You-Pick and Farmstead)
Open Wednesday-Sunday, 9:00 am-6:00 pm
26565 County Road 97D
Davis, CA

Loving Nature Farm (Farmstand CSA)
Open Daily
38883 Z Line Road
Clarksburg, CA

Pacific Star Gardens (You-Pick Strawberries and Berries and Farmstand)
20872 County Rd 99
Woodland, CA 95695
Pacific Star Gardens Facebook Page

Pedrick Produce (Produce Stand)
6850 Sievers Road
Dixon, CA
no website

Yolo Fruit Stand (Produce Stand)
Open Daily
46710 County Road 32B
Davis, CA
no website

All Counties in the Sacramento Surrounding Areas

Strawberry Stands All Counties (Farmstands)

A Google Map was created to find strawberry stands throughout the Sacramento region and surrounding areas. I found the stand in our neighborhood. Can you find yours?

Don’t see your favorite farmstand on our list? It could be closed this time of year or maybe it slipped by us! Leave us a comment if you want to see a farmstand added to our list. We love hearing from you.

Eat Local. March.

Even though it might seem like spring, we have three more weeks of winter to go.  This has been a warmer winter so some farms are experiencing earlier harvests.  Here is our guide to shopping locally this month.

Market availability varies by region.  This is a general guide for Northern California based on Bay Area and Sacramento growers.

Fall and Winter Favorites
These selections are entering the last phase of their season so grab them while you can or wait until next year.

Some citrus
Winter Squash

Peak Late Winter Favorites
These selections are right at the peak or middle of their season so find them and try out some new recipes while availability is widespread.

Baby Carrots
Brussels Sprouts

New Additions
These selections are making their debut now so find them and explore some choices we haven’t seen since last spring.

Fava Beans

Tot tip of the month.  It’s been a long winter.  Our tots are so relieved to finally be able to pick out their own selections at our local farms and markets.  It’s amazing to watch them pick out the food we are buying and then make the connection that what is one their plate is what we bought together.  Start conversations at the dinner table about what you are eating.  When we remind our tots about where their asparagus came from they stop being disgusted and start being interested about what is in front of them.  They are eager to try vegetables they picked out and are often surprised that they (gasp) actually LIKE it.  We tell stories about the farm we visited and as we relate our favorite stories together dinner becomes less of a battle ground and more of a family experience.  My picky four year old has decided that this year he loves asparagus and even stole his sister’s last spear when she announced she was full.